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The team at Wirebloom, has over 100 years combined experience in banking, finance, and technology. Our proprietary platform ‘The Bloom’, allows us to manage businesses’ full payment requirements from dedicated IBAN/vIBAN accounts, multicurrency and multichannel transfers to card acquiring.

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Dedicated IBAN Accounts

Local &

Receive your own IBAN or vIBAN account to receive and send money to both local and international banks and benefit from speed of transactions and improve treasury management and efficiencies.
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Payment Acceptance

Alt Rocks

Our platform has been developed to facilitate access for businesses to a variety of card networks, and provide acceptance for ACH, IBT, digital wallets and vouchers, including supporting 52 alternative payments methods such as Paypal and WeChat.
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The Bloom

A Flexible & Scalable Platform

The Bloom uses classical 3-tier architecture that provides unlimited scalability along with high level user security providing modern design principles and cloud storage. The platform enables automatic routing of transactions, including implementation of a set of compliance rules/preferences and multiple APIs to enable data exchange with third parties.

Onboarding & Compliance

Get onboard The Bloom within 48 hours

At Wirebloom, we take our clients through the whole onboarding process to ensure that you can effective onboard onto our platform within 48 hours. We have a pre-screening process that all our clients go through which consists of 13 simple questions from which we can quickly determine if you pass all compliance requirements and are eligible to be onboarded.

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